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2X - The comprehensive backup software solution for your home and business

2X powered by Acronis technology is a comprehensive, fast and trustworthy backup solution software which protects your important data. Our job at 2X is to make sure that you have your peace of mind! The 2X hybrid protection solution secures your valuable data with full local image backup to external drives or machines and to the secure 2X cloud. With 2X your data is protected from all modern threats like viruses, ransomware, hard drive failure, accidental deletion and natural disasters. Rest assured that your data is safe and available, wherever and whenever you want.

2X offers a range of packages catering to the need of individuals, families, agencies and small medium businesses.

2X Hybrid protection

2X combines a full image backup to local drives with secure cloud backup for twice the protection. Get the speed and performance of local backup with the flexibility and worldwide access of 2X secure cloud backup.

For secure cloud backup you install a small application on your PC, android or iOS mobile device that allows you to effortlessly protect your data. You have the freedom to chose how often the backup needs to be taken. Once installed, 2X powered by Acronis technology, runs quietly in the background to upload your files to the secure online servers without interfering with your normal computer usage.

For full image backup to local drives, 2X uses the same small application you have already installed on your computer. It is the fastest way to backup. You can create a full Image backup of your machine which ensures that every single piece of data on the computer is protected. If machine fails, you can restore the complete system, which includes the operating system and all your other files with a few clicks. Its simple and super fast, ensuring 100% protection of your data.

One software solution for all platforms - any data, any device, anywhere

The powerful 2X Backup software agent protects your data no matter where it resides. It doesn’t matter which platform you, your family or colleagues at work decide to work in, 2X supports it. Windows or Macs desktops at home or office and laptops on the road or at school? Not a problem. With the 2X Backup software you are always able to back up to the cloud. Accessing your backups from smartphone and tablets is a great feature, but 2X also protects your data on iOS and Android mobile devices. With the 2X app on your device you have push-button protection for photos, videos, contacts, tasks, calendar items, and more. Back up data from device and access it anywhere. You can even recover data to the same or different device type should you replace your device for any reason. The 2X recovery console works on any platform, even from your android phone, iphone or other mobile devices. Recover data backed up from a Mac and restore it to your PC. Check the status of your backups from your smartphone while you’re on the train. Its simple!

2X offers you these advantages:

  • Install and forget: Backup is done automatically. Your data is safe and you have peace of mind
  • Fast: Backup and restore takes place very quickly
  • Control of your data: you can restore the whole system, access individual folders or files.
  • Ownership: You will always OWN a copy of your data

Complete protection of your crucial business data

When it comes to business applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint for example, simply copying the files is not enough to ensure proper recovery. Even cloud-based applications like Exchange Online, the technology behind Office 365 email accounts, requires special backup tools in order to protect mail and mailboxes from permanent loss!

2X Backup has built-in application support for complex business applications like these. With the ability to handle open files, to manage log files and other important items properly, and to even create consistent snapshots across multiple disk volumes, 2X Backup ensures that you always have a dependable copy of your business data in the event of an emergency.

Furthermore, 2X powered by Acronis technology, allows granular recovery of many database objects as well, allowing you to easily recover just the information you need. Specific user mailboxes, even individual emails, file attachments, contacts, and much more, can be restored quickly without disruption to other users or services. Business doesn’t stop for one user’s crisis, and neither should you.

2X has the ability to keep you protected and keep your business up and running!

Your data is safe with 2X

Only you have access to the data you store in the 2X Data Center. The Data Centers identify all the incoming data with your account number. Only you can access the data, whether you are backing up or restoring a single file or an entire machine.

Your data is encrypted — even before you send it. In effect, your data is safe in transit and at rest.

2X Cloud Storage encrypts your data at-source with government-approved AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to a secure Data Center. You set the password and only you can access it.

2X - Test first and decide later

Test the 2X Free package with full local backup and a 30 day free cloud backup trial. Enjoy unlimited online storage and backup your workstation. See for yourself, how simple, fast and comprehensive the 2X solution is. The backup client needs to be installed once. Install and forget - have your peace of mind!