2X ThinClientServer

2X Terminal Server is now part of 2X Remote Application Server 

ThinClientServer is now 2X Thin Client Management

2X Remote Application Server revolutionizes the management of fat, ‘administration hungry’ clients on your network – by turning them into thin clients using the Windows agent software. Then, with the 2X Thin Client Management module, you can centrally manage user connections, thin client devices and PCs converted into thin clients.

Convert Windows XP Machines Into Secure Thin Clients

2X Thin Client Management prolongs the life of PCs with legacy operating systems such as Windows XP by converting them into secure thin clients, delivering considerable cost savings. 2X Remote Application Server will create a shell in which you can securely run a virtual desktop or applications and disable most of the OS, leaving it immune to viruses. What’s more, the device can then be fully managed from the 2X RAS Management Console. Learn more here.

Convert Windows 7 & 8 Machines Into Secure Thin Clients

2X Thin Client Management can do the same for Windows 7 and 8 machines, installing a secure shell that allows you to run virtual desktops and applications, without having to worry about the underlying operating systems. You can manage these ex-fat clients – which are now immune to viruses – from the 2X RAS Management Console.

Local Device Support

2X  Client Management enables instant, secure and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere. 2X Shadowing remote assistance allows technicians to offer assistance to any local device; the technical support team can connect to the device and manipulate it with the same agility as though sitting in front of it.

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