2X Products – Remote Application Server, Mobile Device Manager & RDP Client

2X Remote Application Server

Seamless virtual desktop and application delivery

  • Enable users to connect to desktops & apps from anywhere
  • Print and scan without limits from any device
  • Impress with unparalleled remote video performance
  • Secure and control your data at server and user level
  • Reduce desktop admin with easily manageable clients
  • Enhance features by leveraging Windows server and user technologies
  • Improve support productivity using powerful shadowing
  • Optimize your computing resources with smart load balancing
  • Let your IT follow your business with its flexible scalability
  • Enhance productivity from the start with all-in-one product software

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  • 2X Products
2X Mobile Device Manager
Ensure Mobile Device Security
2X Mobile Device Manager is a platform to manage, secure and track your mobile devices. Mobile devices connect to corporate applications and have access to or store confidential corporate data. As mobile devices are used by more and more staff, it is imperative that these devices are managed and controlled.
Leverage the 2X Mobile Device Manager platforms to:

  • Manage Email, Exchange and Wi-Fi configuration
  • Monitor calls and data usage
  • Deploy and manage applications
  • Find, track and secure devices
  • Create and distribute group policies

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2X Client for RDP / Remote Desktop

Break free and access remote desktops and applications from anywhere you want with the free 2X Client!

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2X Products