Connect to a 2X Remote Application Server Gateway

Once DualShield has been enabled the users will have two-factor authentication. If using software tokens such as QuickID the administrator does not have to create a token for each user. 2X Publishing Agent will automatically create the token when the user tries to log in for the first time.

When a user tries to access a 2X Connection from 2X ApplicationServer XG Client, he/she is first prompted for the Windows username and password. If the credentials are accepted 2X Publishing Agent will communicate with the DualShield server to create a unique token for that user.

If using MobileID or QuickID an email about where you can download the appropriate software will be sent to the user.

If using QuickID tokens, the application will ask for a One-Time Password which is sent by e-mail or SMS.

Figure 17: After receiving you One-Time Password input it in the OTP field

When asked for OTP enter the One-Time Password to log into the 2X ApplicationServer XG Gateway.