Persistent Guests

When a published application or desktop from a virtual guest is set as persistent, the first time a user launches the application or desktop the publishing agent will create a persistent guest rule. Persistent Guests rules can be accessed from the Persistent Guests tab seen in the below screenshot.

Configuring persistent guests from the Persistent Guests tab

Deleting a Persistent Guest Rule

To delete a persistent guest rule highlight the rule from the Persistent Guests tab and click Delete from the Tasks drop down menu. If you want to delete all rules, select all rules by pressing CTRL+A and hit the delete key.

Configuring Automatic Deleting of Persistent Guest Rules

From the Auto remove persistence if guest was not used for drop down menu at the bottom of the Persistent Guests tab you can specify the maximum time an unused persistent guest rule is kept before being automatically deleted. Alternatively you can also manually type in the desired time, for example 1 week 3 days.