Configuring Monitoring Counters and Email Alerts

Configuring Monitoring Counters

From the Notification tab in the Administration category you can enable, disable and configure different notification counters so once triggered administrators are alerted via email. These settings apply to all servers in the farm. You can configure the following type of monitoring:

  • CPU utilization on a server is higher than the configured amount
  • Memory utilization on the server is higher than the configured amount
  • Number of sessions connected to a server is higher than the configured amount
  • Number of disconnected sessions is higher than the configured amount
  • 2X Terminal Server Agent has disconnected or reconnected to the farm

Configuring Monitoring Counters

Configuring SMTP Server Connection for System Notifications via Email

Once monitoring counters have been configured, the SMTP server connection details should be configured from the Mailbox Setup tab so the system can send emails once a monitoring counter is triggered. Below is a list of settings that should be configured from the Mailbox Setup tab so the server can send emails:

  • Sender Email Address
  • SMTP Server IP or FQDN
  • Disable or enable TLS / SSL encrypted communication
  • SMTP Server Credentials in case the SMTP server requires authentication

Configuring an SMTP Server for Notifications

In the above example, a gmail account has been configured. Once the SMTP server connection has been configured, administrator accounts configured to receive system notifications via email will be alerted if a monitoring counter is triggered, for example high CPU usage on a server. To configure an administrator’s account notification options, refer to the section Adding an Administrator Account on page .

Configuring Notification Intervals

By default a notification is sent every 60 minutes unless the status is changed. You can configure a longer or shorter time frame from the Notification Interval option at the bottom of the Notification tab.