Custom Keyboard

Tap on the keyboard icon to activate the keyboard.

Note:  Tapping on the custom mouse keyboard icon or the keyboard icon located at the bottom of the screen will both activate the keyboard.

Tap and hold the keyboard icon to bring up the keypad selection tool as shown above. Hold and move your finger to the either of the options described below and release to bring up the relative keypad:

‘ABC’ - By default, the keyboard displays alphabetical characters, including the shift, space, delete and enter keys.

  1. &123’ – Displays numbers, symbols, escape, insert etc. Press the “Shft” key to show additional symbols.
  2. Num’ - A full emulation of the keyboard number pad. Toggle the ‘Num’ button to switch between numeric and action keys.
  3. Fn’ - All available function keys including screen lock, print screen and many more.

Note that CTRL, Alt, Win, Shift and Altgr keys are accessible on all screens.  In addition, change the input language from tabs – Abc and &123.