Command Line Parameters for  2X Client

Windows 2X Client parameters are available when launching published application and published desktop from command line.



s!='primary server'

Primary Server hostname or IP

b!='backup server'

Secondary Server hostname or IP

a!='application/desktop id'

Published Application/Desktop ID

p!='override application params'


Port of the 2X Remote Application Serverconnection


Username for the user to connect with


Password for the user

d!='domain' ignored if user name is in UPN format

Domain name

l!='0/1' 0 use primary server, 1 user backup server

Specify value  in order to connect either to primary or backup server

m!='connection mode' (gateway mode = 0, direct mode 1, gateway ssl mode = 2, direct ssl = 3, direct rdp=4)

Specify value for  the connection mode

o!='0/1' if set to 1 credentials are overwritten with SSO information if available

When set to 1, credentials are overwritten with SSO credentials.

i!='connection alias'

Specify a connection Alias


Always ask for credentials .


Reconnect if connection is dropped .


  1. From command line, go to location were 2X Client is installed.
  2. Run the following command:

TSClient.exe s!='2008ad1.2x.testing' a!='#50' t!='80' d!='2x.testing' u!='testerjm'q!='123456'  m!='0'

 Connection Advanced Settings

Running the above command would launch Published application with ID92, for user testerjm.