Features and Limitations

Since the 2X Client for Windows CE works exactly like the standard 2X Client for Windows, refer to the 2X Client for Windows Manual for general instructions on how to use it.

The Handheld variant uses a user interface that is reduced in size in order to fit onto the smaller screen resolutions. One main difference when using such a user interface is the option screens which are shown in a Tree View. Each category of 2X Client settings has an expand button (a ‘+’) next to it so that the settings related to the category can be expanded as illustrated below.

2X Client for Windows CE on Handheld Devices- 2X Connection Settings

Features available only on Windows CE

The following options are available only in 2X Client for Windows CE:

  • Send Raw Scancodes

By default the scancodes will be mapped by the operating system using the current locale. Enable this option to disable the scancode mapping and send the local keyboard input directly to the remote computer.

  • Force fallback to fail-safe RDP component

Enable this option if you have issues with the Microsoft native ActiveX RDP component. This option forces the usage of the fail-safe (but low-featured) 2X custom RDP component that will work even on devices that have RDP connection issues or where the ActiveX component is not present.


The following options are not available in 2X Client for Windows CE:

  • Single Sign On
  • 2X Universal Printing
  • 2X Universal Scanning
  • Usage of Client system colours since typically Windows CE has only one colour scheme (For 2X Connections in the Advanced Settings tab).
  • Update option is not available. Updates should be performed manually by system administrators or by the user.
  • ARM Installations of 2X Client on Windows CE are only available in English. This Client does not support multiple languages by default. Contact 2X support if you require any particular localisation.

Limitations for Handheld version

Apart from the limitations imposed by the standard Windows CE client, the handheld version does not:

  • Allow the user to specify any screen resolution other than fullscreen
  • Allow to user to share Local Resources to with any Remote Computer.