Installing 2X Client for Mac OS X

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X  Leopard Version 10.5 or higher
  • MAC OS X Yosemite (10.7.3) or later

Installation Procedures

For MAC OS X Yosemite 10.7.3 or later follow the procedure below:

  1. Click the ‘Yosemite (10.7.3) or later’ download link to be taken to the 2X RDP Client listing.
  2. Click ‘View in Mac App Store’.
  3. Click ‘Install App’ to proceed with the installation (Login to App Store is required).

  1. 2X RDP Client is installed and ready to be configured.

For MAC OS X 10.5 follow the procedure below:

  1. Click ‘2X Client for OS X Leopard (10.5)’ to download the ‘2xclient.dmg’ file from here and store it locally.

  1. Double click on ‘2xclient.dmg’, and the installation dialog will come up. Then click ‘2xclient.dmg’ to continue the installation.

  1. Another dialog will show, click ‘Install’ to start installing 2X RDP Client.

  1. You will be prompted to enter elevated system credentials. Enter the required password and click ‘Install Software’.

  1. When the installation is finished you are now ready to launch the 2X RDP Client.