Settings and About Page


To access the Client Settings menu, tap on the Menu button and then tap on Settings.

Note:  Settings are saved immediately upon modification.

Appearance Settings

Help Messages – When selected, help messages will be shown when adding a new connection.

Always Show Action bar – When selected, the action bar shown above will always be shown during a session with a remote computer. This is useful for Android thin clients or TVs where gestures cannot be used.

Auto Sort Connection – When selected, all connections will be sorted by name.

Auto Sort Application Listing – When selected, all applications will be sorted by name. Folders are placed at the top of the listing.

Connection Settings

Auto Reconnect – Select this setting and your device will reconnect automatically if your connection is lost and then the network becomes available (The device will reconnect automatically if a connection error is detected).

Accept All Certificates – When selected, all certificates will be accepted automatically (malformed certificates will be rejected).

Erase All Connections -  This setting will permanently delete all of your Parallels 2X RDP Client connections. Certificates will have to be deleted from Android manually.

User Input

Volume Key Control - These options allow you to modify the action taken when using the device volume controls.

The ‘Scroll Control’ allows you to set your device’s volume controls to simulate the mouse wheel action when scrolling up and down. Use ‘Local Volume Control’ to adjust the volume level for installed applications on the device. Use ‘Remote Volume Control’ to adjust the volume level for installed applications on the remote computer.


Pointer Feedback - When this setting is checked or enabled, you will see the animation of the screen tap on your device.

Mouse Mode - Tap on the setting for ‘Select Mouse Mode’ and a new dialog box opens letting you choose between the Dumbo Mode and the Satellite Mode. The ‘Dumbo mode’ provides the user with right-click and left-click mouse options, as well as the ability to navigate, drag and pan within the entire screen.

The ‘Satellite Mode’ option includes a right-click and left-click mouse along with a keyboard icon.  Either the native keyboard or the 2X custom keyboard is activated depending on your selected keyboard setting.

On Screen Keyboard -  Tapping this Option opens the menu above. Select ‘Automatically show Keyboard’ to show the keyboard when the user sets focus on a text box in a remote session. The keyboard will not hide automatically when the focus is set on a non-textbox area.

Select ‘Automatically show and hide Keyboard’ to show the keyboard when the user sets focus on a text box in a remote session. The keyboard will automatically hide when the focus is set on a non-textbox area.

If set to ‘None The keyboard will not be shown automatically when the user sets focus on a textbox in a remote session.

Keyboard Layout -  This settings selects the keyboard that you will be presented with when the keyboard icon is pressed while on a session with a remote computer.  The ‘2X PC  Keyboards’ allows you to select the keyboard layout you wish to use from a range of languages.

Alternatively, select the ‘Android Keyboard’ for to use your default keypad during remote sessions.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Assign actions to key combinations. The key-combinations (shortcuts) work only with hardware keyboard and are meant for Android devices operating a thin-clients.

Send Unicode Characters - The keyboard will send characters as unicode instead of scancode.

Gestures Settings

The ‘Map Gestures’ option shows a list of gestures that can be assigned by the user. The user would select which action can be assigned to the gesture.

The User can configure gestures for 2 finger Gestures and 3 finger gestures as shown above. Simply select a gesture to assign an action to it.

Map Gestures

The figure shows that for the ‘Swipe Up’ gesture, a list of actions is shown. The user can assign one action to the gesture from the list available below:

2 and 3 Finger Gestures


Swipe Up

Swipe Down

Swipe Left

Swipe Right

No Action

Toggle Keyboard


Show Keyboard

Hide Keyboard

Toggle mouse


Show Mouse

Hide Mouse

Mouse Wheel Up


Mouse Wheel Down


Send Page Up

Send Page Down

Send Up Arrow

Send Down Arrow

Send Left Arrow

Send Right Arrow

Alt + Tab

Alt + Shift + Tab

Alt + F4

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Win + R

A short cut or action for each of the available gesture may be selected as shown in the table above.


The about screen contains the 2X RDP Client version and copyright information. Apart from that, this screen displays 2X contact information.