Today’s biggest challenges for IT infrastructures are to improve security and lower energy usage, all while reducing infrastructure costs – all of which can be accomplished via server-based computing.

Find how to tailor a custom solution for your infrastructure through the 2X Solutions Guide.

Click here to read the white paper: Private Cloud Computing Essentials.

Single Farm Solution with Mixed Desktops

By using this solution, you can publish virtual desktops from the virtual host and desktops from a Microsoft Terminal Server.

High Availability with a Dual Firewall DMZ

Many companies use the DMZ layout to separate the servers handling exposed services from those handling internal services.

Load Balancing VDI Solution

2X ApplicationServer XG is an easy and affordable solution to load balance multiple virtualization technologies.

Multiple Hypervisors in Single Farm with Public and Private 2X SecureClientGateways

This environment showcases a single farm with multiple hypervisors and both public and private gateways.


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