Download the Free 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop for Windows, Linux & Mac.

Take your desktops and applications with you wherever you go. Use 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop to connect to your work or home PC from any device.

Access Remote Desktops & Files

Securely access your home or business PC, hosted virtual desktops and files on-demand wherever you are.

Run Remote Applications

Run hosted remote applications, such as Microsoft Office, seamlessly on your desktop.

Secure Access

Secure access to your desktops & applications through 2X Client SSL and two-factor authentication support.

RDP 7/RemoteFX Multimedia Support

Provides a rich remote desktop and application experience by supporting Microsoft’s high definition RemoteFX accelerated multimedia protocol.

Sound & Drive Redirection

Redirect sound from any remote application to your desktop. Open documents on the client machine from any remotely deployed application.

2X ApplicationServer XG Integration

Access virtual desktops and applications hosted on hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, VMware vSphere and more.


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