Download the Free 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop for Google Chrome

Break free and access your Microsoft Windows desktop from anywhere you want with the free 2X Client for Chrome.

Cross Platform Supported

The 2X Client for RDP is specifically designed for Chrome, making it fully supported across different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.

Provides Secure Direct RDP Connection

The 2X Client for RDP provides a direct connection without using a public gateway, making your computing experience secure and private.

Fully Installable

The 2X Client for RDP is the first self contained, fully installable Chrome application.

Supports Google Chrome 24 Onwards

The 2X Client for RDP support Google Chrome installations of version 24 onwards.

Unlimited Connections

With the 2X Client for RDP, you can have unlimited connections running concurrently.

Offline Mode Functional

The 2X Client for RDP functions even when there is no internet connection available.


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