2X RDP Client for Chrome

2X RDP Client for Chrome 

  • Cross Platform – The 2X RDP Client designed for Chrome, making it fully supported across different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.
  • Provides Secure Direct RDP Connection – 2X RDP Client for Chrome  provides a direct connection without using a public gateway, making your computing experience secure and private.
  • Fully Installable – The 2X RDP Client for Chrome  is the first self contained, fully installable Chrome application.
  • Unlimited Connections – With the 2X RDP Client for Chrome , you can have unlimited connections running concurrently.
  • Offline Mode Functional – The 2X RDP Client for Chrome  functions even when there is no internet connection available.

How-To Install the 2X RDP Client for Chrome

  1. Look it up on Google Chrome web store – Here you can see the Chrome Web Store home page. Go to the search box at top Left corner of your screen. Type in 2X as the search criteria. Search for 2X RDP / Client emote Desktop.
  2. After you find it, click the big blue Add to Chrome button.

Discover More of 2X RAS 

2X Chrome Client RDP

Click on the 2X Installer Package

Now it’s time to log into your desired remote computer using the Chrome Client.2X Chrome Done


Product Reviews 

  • Works perfectly on my Acer C720 Chromebook. My only suggestion to make it better is to have a way to save and name connections for later use. As a consulting network administrator I am always using RDP connections and cannot always remember public IP’s and port numbers for all of my clients.
  • Works perfectly on my Chromebook, allowing me to access my Windows PCs on the LAN. Thanks!
  • Wow! much better than expected. This RDP really works. Nice work guys, I can now access my win VPS from anywhere with my Chromebook. Highly recommended
  • Really impressed with how well it works!
  • Only True RDP client for chromebook. Read More

2X client for google chrome