2X RDP Client Makes It Work for You: Desktops, Mobile Devices & Chromebooks

2X RDP Client allows you to connect – simply and securely – via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to your remote Windows desktop and applications whenever you want, wherever you are.

mobile workforce

Empowered mobile workforce

2X RAS uses virtualization technology and RDP connections to create a bridge between the corporate server farm and the device, delivering any applications, remote desktop or data.

mobile workforce

Seamless end-user experience

Corporate and Windows applications such as Microsoft Office are now available with a constant connection on any device: Android, iOS, MAC and Linux.

mobile workforce

Secure access

Obtain a higher level of security when you connect over SSL using 2X RDP Client on your device and 2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS).

RDP Client
 RDP Client

Desktops and Applications Delivered Through a Single App.

Securely deliver desktops, applications and online services to end users through a unified workspace. Provide a consistent end user experience across different devices Discover more about 2X RAS

Application delivery

File Sharing

Share easily on any device files, and your intellectual property, without risk for your assets. 2X gives your users an outstanding support to work remotely.

Application delivery

Mobile Printing

Revolutionary 2X technology keeps your team productive by letting them print from any device to any printer with the new printing redirection of 2X RAS.

Application delivery

Maximized flexibility

User can operate from any device with an HTML5  browser, including from Chromebooks and locked down devices

Download your RDP Client here

2X RDP Client

Linux client

Enable access to applications, virtual & remote desktops from your Linux thin client/desktop from anywhere.

Chrome 2X RDP Client

Chrome client

Access Windows office & applications, data,  and virtual & remote desktops. Configure access from your Chromebook from anywhere.

2X RDP Client

Mac client

Access Windows office & applications, data,  and virtual & remote desktops. Configure access from your Mac from anywhere.

2X RDP Client

Windows client

Access corporate applications, virtual & remote desktops, and data. Configure access from your Windows client from anywhere.

RDP Client
RDP Client

Download your RDP app here

2X RDP Client Android

Android app

Deliver enterprise computing, files and applications to your mobile device.

2X RDP Client

Windows Phone app

Access your enterprise files, applications, and desktops from your Windows Phone. 

2X RDP Client

iOS app

Access your corporate files, applications, and desktops to be as productive as in the office.

2X RDP Client Facebook

Facebook app

Access your applications, data, and remote and virtual desktops using the Java client for Facebook.