Parallels Remote Application Server allows you to easily deliver remote desktops using either a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in a secure and easy-to-manage way. Parallels Remote Application Server allows you to mix and match popular hypervisors with popular mobile devices and workstations.

Hypervisors & Microsoft RDS

Parallels Remote Application Server gives you the flexibility to use popular hypervisors and Microsoft Remote Application Services at the same time. This vendor-independence means that Parallels broadly delivers the same features and functionality, with the same interface, regardless of the technology in use. Publish applications and desktops from terminal servers and virtually any hypervisor. Due to the scalability of Parallels Remote Application Server, it can grow with your company at no additional cost, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure and drive your company to the next level.

2X Remote Desktop
2X Remote Desktop

 Administration Savings

Parallels Remote Application Server can automatically generate and deploy VDI desktops on demand, using customized templates. This allows you to automatically create and deploy Guests on the fly, saving your administrators a great deal of time. Create a virtual desktop once and replicate it as many times as you want. Install security updates and applications automatically to a pool of virtual desktops and save lots of time.

Easy Profile Management

Parallels Remote Application Server facilitates centralized control over user profiles via full integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Using the Parallels Remote Application Server Management Console, the IT administrator can customize the user environment, configure and monitor resource access.

2X Remote Desktop