2X RAS – Remote Application Server


Easy to configure and install, 2X Remote Application Server can be set up in less than 5 minutes. 2X Software’s solution offers an outstanding experience from the start.

2X Remote Application Server delivers Windows applications to any user, even remote users anywhere, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device they are using. For example, 2X RAS delivers MS Office to your iPad users. Working remotely has never been easier.

2X RAS enables businesses to set up their own environment, and centrally store and secure data, allowing them to continually reduce their security risks. When using the 2X product, sensitive data never leave the datacenter, and the connection between the user and server is encrypted, thus reducing any violation of your assets.

Application Publishing

Deliver applications to remote users and mobile devices in a seamless and easy to manage way. The user can continue to use the same file as working on their office workstation.  2X Software is easy to configure, with the drag and drop functionality, publishing an application is a pleasant experience.


The 2X management and reporting  tools provide a  synoptic view of your infrastructure. 2X Remote Application deliver real-time monitoring and alerts allowing to create and manage security policies.  You can create a intuitive compliance and usage reports from thee management console.

Remote Desktop – VDI

Mix  the most popular hypervisors with 2X Remote Application Serve to deliver seamless Application virtualization and publishing remote desktop. 2X Software manages Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) indifferently and in easy way.

High Availability – Load Balancing

Load balancing  delivers high performance standard across your organization, allowing you farm to work in high availability.  2X Remote Application Server easily configures the infrastructure on your load needs optimizing your resources.

Thin Client Management

Reduce the cost of your hardware using a thin client infrastructure. Convert your outdated PCs in secure and reliable  thin clients using all the power of 2XOS Software.  2X Thin Client Management manages centrally all the user connections to facilitate configuration and maintenance

Remote Application Server