Extend The Lifespan Of Your Windows XP, 7 And 8 PCs

Windows XP is already at the end of its life, Vista is following shortly and later on Windows 7 and 8 will also follow. How can you defend the migration cost to your business?  Parallels Remote Application Server can help: the desktop replacement allows you to extend the lifespan of your hardware and delay migration to the latest OSs to a time that suits you best.

Extend your hardware lifespan

  • Replace the Windows shell with the Parallels Thin Client Management shell for Windows.
  • Secure your Windows OS to use only approved local applications.
  • Utilize password-protected Windows shell switching for administration.
  • Easily log off and disconnect from the machine.
  • Change Active Directory credentials in the Parallels Thin Client Management shell.
  • Configure local applications.
  • Automatic configuration of Windows firewall rules that communicate with Parallels Remote Application Server.
  • Access remote support, service desk and IT monitoring.
  • Keep working with your existing peripherals without the need to look for new drivers.
  • Allow the use of a limited set of control panel applets to allow the user to configure settings such as mouse, keyboard, etc.
Windows XP
Windows XP

Windows XP, 7 & 8 Desktop Replacement

Desktop replacement software allows you to transform any Windows client into a secure and fully managed workstation. It does not require specific hardware or software to be installed on the computer, and works with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1. Existing company computers can be used as is, immediately starting to deliver remote applications. This is a major advantage, because the cost of new hardware and installations prevents many companies – even those crushed by the heaviness of their PCs – from moving to a thin clients structure.

The Parallels solution allows you to be very flexible: you can lock machine configuration on the user side, placing your corporate data in an extremely secure position, or you might decide to allow users to run some local and remote applications. Parallels Client Desktop Replacement is able to reduce the operability of the local machine by disabling the most common local configuration options, while guaranteeing the same level of service and security afforded by thin clients directly from your existing PCs. The main changes that affect a PC after the desktop replacement are listed below. The most evident change is the disappearance of the Start button, so that the user is forced to use only the applications published by the IT administrator.

Desktop replacement features

  • Disable Start Button
  • Restrict Control Panel Access
  • Disable Windows Key
  • Disable the Task Manager
  • Disable Quick Access Toolbars
  • Disable Security Manager / Action Center Notifications
  • Lock the Taskbar
  • Remove Pinned Applications
  • Disable Metro Screen (user logs directly to desktop)
  • Disable Hot Corners
  • Disable Charm Hints
  • Disable Help Aids
  • Disable Windows Sideba
 Windows XP