Ensure Mobile Device Security

 2X MDM has been acquired from 3CX and is in the re-branding process. More information here.

With the BBC reporting that 314 phones are stolen every day in London alone, it’s important to secure the data that’s stored on them. 2X MDM allows you to remotely enforce strong password policies on your Android and iOS devices, remotely wipe all sensitive data from them or remotely lock them via SMS.


Enforce Strong Mobile Device Password Policies

A strong password policy can be enforced to all devices, avoiding the task of manually applying such policies which takes a lot of time if you have many devices.

2X MDM allows you to set the minimum password length and the time lapse before a device auto-locks.

Set the maximum number of failed password attempts before 2X MDM automatically resets the device back to its factory settings.


Remote Lock Mobile Devices

Should you lose or misplace a device, 2X MDM lets you change the password and lock the device from the online dashboard, safeguarding all of the data on the device until you can retrieve it.

Locking the device is as simple as selecting it from the list of devices, pressing the lock button and then specifying the password that you want to enforce.

Safeguard your corporate data even if the device isn’t connected to the internet by remotely locking it via SMS.

Remote Wipe Mobile Devices

If your mobile device has been lost or stolen, it’s imperative to wipe all the data off it immediately! 2X MDM will remotely wipe all the data on the phone’s internal memory and reset the device back to its factory default settings with a couple of mouse clicks.

The command is sent in an SMS as well to ensure your mobile device is wiped immediately.

By wiping the device, you prevent your company’s valuable information from falling into the wrong hands.


Monitor for Malware and Inappropriate Apps

When you deploy mobile devices to your workforce, inevitably your employees will want to install apps.

Review the apps that are installed on their devices from a single screen and remove inappropriate apps easily. Monitor for rogue apps installed from unofficial sources.

Be aware of any suspicious looking apps in order to take action before they become a big issue. With a single click, remove apps that affect your employees productivity and drain your data plans.