2X MDM – Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), administration of mobile devices becomes a lot easier by allowing you to configure settings remotely and for many mobile devices at once. MDM allows you to remotely enforce strong password policies on your Android and iOS devices, remotely wipe all sensitive data from them, or remotely lock them via SMS.

Mass Manage Mobile Devices

With the Group Policy feature you can group devices by department or function and configure specific policies that will be applied to the entire group.

Remote Lock & Wipe

MDM’s Remote Lock & Wipe feature prevents your company’s valuable information from falling into the wrong hands by simply wiping all the data from the device, or remotely changing the password so that no one can access the device.

Enforce a Strong Mobile Device Password Policy

MDM allows you to enforce strong password policies to all devices. This spares you from having to apply these policies manually, which would be very time-consuming if you have many devices.

 Mobile Device Management
 Mobile Device Management

Find & Track

MDM’s powerful location tracking feature allows you to keep track of all your mobile devices and store complete location history for each device, helping you improve customer service and response time.

Location History

MDM will not only store the current location of all your connected devices, but will also keep a detailed log of all the locations the device and employee have been to.

Track Android And iOS Devices

With MDM, administrators have the ability to trace connected mobile devices and further fine-tune tracking parameters per group or even for individual devices depending on the scenario.

Send Directions To Your Employees

Make it easier for your employees to find their next destination by pinpointing where you want them to go: send them directions from the map and redirect your nearest available employee to customer call-outs.



Use Mobile Device Management (MDM) to mass deploy apps with just a few mouse clicks. Review installed apps on all connected devices. Monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps. Create a Whitelist of approved apps and Blacklist undesirable apps.

Mass Deploy Apps To Groups Of Devices

MDM allows you to easily deploy apps to groups of devices. Define a set of apps that should be installed on all devices or groups of devices – for example, a group based on a department.

Monitor For Inappropriate Apps

Easily review the apps that are installed on all devices and quickly find inappropriate apps that might affect corporate productivity or simply waste data transmission charges.

Whitelist & Blacklist Apps

Exercise full control over the apps installed on mobile devices, by creating a Whitelist specifying the apps that can be installed. For apps you don’t want any employee to install, you can create a Blacklist which blocks inappropriate installations.

 Mobile Device Management