Vertical Industry Solution – Application Virtualization & Remote Desktop Service

2X Software has ample experience in all industries from Manufacturing to Healthcare, Banking , Education, Transportation, Government and more.

Increase flexibility, mobility and security with centrally managed 2X solutions that maximise efficiency across your organisation

  • Application Virtualization & Remote Desktop Service: Deliver Windows desktops and applications
  • Corporate Mobility: Collaborate with people, data and apps from the latest devices
  • Bring Your Own Device: Empower employees and simplify IT
  • Business Continuity: Ensure seamless continuity of operations
  • Security & Compliance: Secure confidential business information while maximizing access and collaboration
  • Remote Workers: Offer flexibility, cut costs, improve employee moral
  • Hybrid Cloud: Leverage infinite scale and flexibility across private and public clouds


Banks and financial institutions which are looking for a more reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT system that integrates with their core banking applications and allows them to progress in their business while helping them to protect their and their customers’ data and be PCI compliant.


Businesses and organizations operating in the education industry that are looking for a cost-effective, secure, and reliable IT solution that allows their staff to better aid students, and to allow both staff and students to access data through today’s wide variety of modern mobile devices.


Government agencies and departments that are looking for a cost- effective, efficient, and easy-to-maintain IT solution that allows them to deliver applications to all employees, eliminate custom development, reduce administration overhead, and comply with the FIPS strict guidelines.


Organizations operating in the healthcare industry which are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and secure IT solution that allows medical staff to access real-time information, easily collaborate, and be HIPAA compliant.


Companies and businesses operating in the manufacturing industry which are looking for a reliable IT solution that allows them to implement their line-of-business software throughout their plants and save on hardware and software costs.


Businesses and companies operating in the transportation industry that are seeking a cost-effective and reliable centralized IT solution which allows their employees to access real-time information, whether they are on the road or based at a remote station.