2X MDM v8 Is Here – Did You Know?

2X Software has released v8 of 2X MDM, one of the leading mobile device management solutions on the market. With the growing complexity of mobile device models, platforms and operating systems, businesses need to rely … [+]

Maximize your Remote Desktop Services

Maximize your Remote Desktop Services

An Overview of Remote Desktop Services Virtualization has added facets to information technology. Today, businesses look not only at optimizing business resources, but also at management of when, where and how data are accessed. Remote … [+]

mobile security

Safeguard Mobile Security And Data With 2X MDM

As mobile devices become more powerful and openly accessible, data is easier to access and share. Many business owners see the benefits of mobile devices in the workplace and either encourage the use of or, … [+]

Healthcare Applications Virtualization and desktops Delivery, Cuts Costs with 2X RAS- Solution Guides

Device Management Healthcare – Mobile Devices Save Lives

As mobile devices continue to transform different industries, recent developments suggest that the healthcare industry is next in line. A report by Sky News describes how the use of mobile devices in two hospitals saved … [+]

Find & Track Mobile Devices

Phone Lost! Keep Calm And Use 2X MDM To Find It

‘Phone lost’ is one of the most common search phrases on Google, with more than 30,000 hits per year worldwide. Statistics indicate an increase in stolen or lost phones in the last several months. In … [+]

Reinforce Your Mobile Application Security With 2X MDM

Reinforce Your Mobile Application Security With 2X MDM

Recent reports indicate that the majority of Android devices currently in use allow malware-spreading apps to infect and hijack data. Malicious third parties have taken advantage of these vulnerabilities by exploiting the market and posting … [+]


Easily Type any Text on your Windows PC Remotely with 2X RDP Client for Android

While connected to a Windows PC remotely, 2X RDP Client for Android emulates a complete PC keyboard. Perform any action on the remote PC from your Android as you normally would while sitting at your … [+]

Popi Act

The POPI Act can be a Big Problem. Solve the Issue with 2X MDM.

Legislation for the protection of data privacy in South Africa has finally been crystallized into the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. The main purpose of this law is to protect the personal customer information … [+]

Keyboard android MDM android page

2X MDM Mobile Device Remote Control – Administer Devices From Anywhere

Now mobile devices are massively making their way into corporate environments, administrators need a means of remote control to administer these devices over the air from anywhere. Currently two methods are being adopted: remote control … [+]


2X Software released 2X MDM version 8

Valletta, MALTA and Dallas, TEXAS, September  16th, 2014 — 2X Software, a global leader in virtual application and mobile device management solutions, today announced the release of 2X Mobile Device Management version 8. Mobile devices … [+]