Remote Workforce

Support Your Remote Workforce Effectively With 2X RAS

The increased use of smartphones and BYOD networks has revolutionized the way businesses perform day-to-day activities. Gone are the days when the work-from-home option was only for women with small children. Mobile and remote workforces … [+]

mobile workforce management

2X MDM Makes Mobile Workforce Management Easier

Mobile Workforce Management Trends The management of mobile workforces has always been a challenge. The standard tools used to support and control an office-based workforce do not meet the demands of managing mobile workers. Nowadays, … [+]


What is data security For Organizations?

What is Data Security in the Cloud? The past two decades have seen rapid progress in technology. While the internet revolution has connected businesses around the world, cloud computing technologies have optimized resources. The Internet … [+]

Computer Troubleshooting

Accelerate Computer Troubleshooting With 2X RAS

Computer Troubleshooting Trends A company IT helpdesk does a lot of computer troubleshooting, in order to ensure that all users have constant access to corporate resources and tools. The purpose of a helpdesk is usually … [+]

arsari group

Arsari Group Has Chosen 2X Remote Application Server

“We helped Arsari Group reduce the time required for application and desktop configuration by 70-75% annually. By leveraging the unlimited virtualization potential of 2X RAS they were able to cut energy costs and gain a … [+]

Effectively Secure And Manage All Endpoints Using 2X RAS

Remote Desktop Service -Effectively Secure And Manage All Endpoints Using 2X RAS

With a mix of virtual PCs and remote workers, desktop management is a challenge for IT administrators. The advent of mobile devices and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments adds to the complexity. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and … [+]

Car Tracking Gets Better With 2X MDM

Car Tracking Gets Better With 2X MDM

The advent of smartphones has revolutionized every business. Transport and courier services are no exception. Courier and delivery services are more concerned with the outdoors than the indoors, and operate on all scales from regional … [+]


Remote Desktop Printer Redirection With 2X RAS

Remote Desktop Printer Redirection Overview Virtualization is a key factor in efficiently deploying and managing an enterprise network today. Server-based computing via virtual desktops and applications that can be accessed from different devices extends traditional … [+]

WI-FI network

Manage Your Wi-Fi Network Configurations With 2X MDM

Billions of devices and millions of apps are driving the growth of a new generation of wireless networks that are mobile, open and with high capacity. Enterprises and organizations such as those in education, hospitality … [+]

html5 browser

HTML5 browser: Remotely Access Virtual App With 2X RAS

In today’s Everything-as-a-Service model, virtualization and remote networks have a greater role to play. Virtualization has become successful because it optimizes resources while increasing productivity and revenues. Virtualization augmented with remote desktop services enables businesses … [+]