2X TerminalServer for Linux Features

Leverage the Lightning-Fast NX Protocol: A Compressed Version of X

2X TerminalServer is based on the open source NX X-Windows compression protocol. X-Windows is highly bandwidth-intensive and therefore does not scale well over low bandwidth connections. NX compresses the X-Window protocol and enables users to run a complete Linux desktop and Linux/Windows applications over slower connections. On LANs, this means a much higher number of clients can be supported without affecting network speed.

Tunnel RDP, ICA and VNC Connections

Besides the native X-Window protocol, 2X TerminalServer can also translate and tunnel industry standard protocols like Microsoft’s RDP Protocol and the VNC protocol, providing quick and secure access to other terminal server desktops and applications.

Seamless Integration with 2X ThinClientServer and Standard NX Client Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

By using a free NX Client for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS/X, users can work from their personal machine at home, or on the road from a mobile device, allowing a gradual migration to a full thin client system like the 2X ThinClientServer.

Leverage the Power of OpenOffice, FireFox, Thunderbird and KDE

OpenOffice is more than just a Microsoft Office replacement, providing PDF exports, a clean HTML export and the ability to save PowerPoint presentations, allowing for simple Web posting, also allowing opening and saving to Microsoft Office formats. The Firefox Internet browser allows for tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking and is more secure than Internet Explorer. The Thunderbird email client offers all critical email features, can connect to any enterprise mail server via IMAP and LDAP and does not store mail via proprietary storage. The KDE GUI is configurable, can be easily locked by administrators and includes many useful tools, including calendars, DVD writing, imaging, project planning software and more.

Linux: The Perfect Multi-User OS

Linux is ideally suited for virtual computing, designed from the ground up for multi-user environments, allowing for less conflicts and easier administration.

Other Features

  • Uses SSH for optimal connection security.
  • Use 2X TerminalServer for graphical remote server management.
  • Available for RedHat, SUSE and more.


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