2X Terminal Server

2X Terminal Server is now part of 2X Remote Application Server via its VDI technology

Allow Remote Access via Linux Without Administration Headaches

2X TerminalServer for Linux provides users with a secure, personal Linux desktop accessible from any location, over any connection. Remove fat client headaches while providing users easy Linux-based access to their personal desktop, files and enterprise applications from home or on the road.

Use Linux Desktops for Licensing Savings

Additionally, since 2X TerminalServer is Linux-based, expensive Microsoft Terminal Server licenses can be eliminated. Employees use a familiar GUI (such as KDE or Gnome, both very similar to Windows) and use the power of open source applications (such as OpenOffice, FireFox and Thunderbird) instead.

2X TerminalServer for Linux is a GPL-licensed open source product and is free of charge.

2X TerminalServer Features:

  • Easier administration by eliminating fat clients.
  • Provides users with reliable, secure remote access.
  • Allow users desktop access from any location.
  • Significant savings over Microsoft Server licensing.
  • Improved security through the use of Linux desktops.