Parallels 2X RAS Web Portal

If Safenet second level Authentication is enabled, logging to 2X RAS Web Portal also requires 2nd Level Authentication.


 2X RAS Web Portal Using Safenet

Enter any four digits in the OTP Pin number field (these digits will be required further on in the process).

  1. Enter your email address and then click on “Send OTP”.
  2. Log onto your email account and retrieve the email containing the information you will need to activate your SafeNet authentication. An example of this email is shown below.

Activation Key: YZQHoczZWw3cBCNo

Token Serial: 4F214C507612A26A

Download MobilePASS client from: http://localhost:80/TMSService/ClientDownload/MobilePASSWin.exe

*Login with domain credentials.

*Place the attached seed file in the same folder as the MobilePASS client.

Enter the One-Time Password to log into the Terminal Server Connection.

Application PIN: 4089

  1. Download the MobilePASS client from the URL provided in the email.
  2. Enter the Activation Key found in the SafeNet email.

  1. Next, input the application PIN found in the email to the “MobilePASS PIN:” textfield.
  2. Click Generate the eToken number and subsequently “Copy”.
  3. Combine the OTP PIN and eToken and in this order: OTP + eToken.
  4. Enter this value into the Parallels 2X RAS Web Portal to and click “OK” to log in.