Unattended Install of 2XOS on Thin Client or PC Permanent Storage

If you need to install 2XOS on the permanent storage of multiple devices, 2X Remote Application Server version 11 and 2X OS 7.3 have a new Boot Method called Install (Unattended). When selected, it will automatically install the 2XOS on the first permanent storage where the 2XOS can fit.

Note: When this option is used, any data on the drive is overwritten without any warning.

Creating a Bootable USB Stick That Matches Your Device

There are 2 different ways how to install the 2XOS on a permanent storage:

  1. Burn a CD with the 2XOS ISO downloaded from the 2X website. Boot the device from the CD and follow the installer instructions after choosing the (installer) option. Choose the USB device where the 2XOS is to be installed and proceed with the installation.
  2. Follow the procedure Network Booting a Device Running 2XOS and in step 3 select the option Install (Attended). Proceed by following the installer instructions and choosing the storage where the 2XOS is to be installed.