Configuring Thin Client Options and Printers

To configure a thin client running the 2XOS, navigate to the Devices tab in the Client Manager category, highlight the thin client name and click Properties from the Tasks drop down menu. From the thin client properties you can configure all of the settings mentioned in the section on Configuring Thin Client Options in Groups page  of this manual.

If the thin client is part of a group and is already inheriting such options, untick the option Use Group Settings from the tab and configure the needed settings to override the group settings.

Configuring Thin Client Printers

To allow thin clients to use both network printers and local printers connected to them via a parallel or USB port specify the printers in the List of thin client printers available from the Printers tab in the Client Manager category. By specifying printers in this section their drivers are automatically loaded in the 2XOS upon boot up.

Adding a Printer to the List

To add a printer to the List of thin client printers click Add from the Tasks drop down menu and:

  • Specify a printer friendly name in the Name input field
  • Select the printer manufacturer from the Manufacturer drop down menu
  • Select the printer driver from the Driver drop down menu
  • Select the connection type from Port dropdown menu. If it is a network printer, select Network and specify the IP address in the Network Address input field.

Click OK once the settings are finalized to add the printer to the list.

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Configuring a Printer for Thin Clients

Assigning a Printer or Multiple Printers to a Thin Client or Group

To assign a printer or multiple printers to a thin client or a group of thin clients follow the below procedure:

  1. Access the thin client or group properties
  2. Click on the Hardware tab
  3. Click on Browse (...) button next to the Printers option
  4. Select a printer or multiple printers from the list and click Add

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Adding Printers to a Thin Client or Group