Publishing a Virtual Desktop from a Guest

To publish a virtual desktop from a guest or guest clone follow the below procedure:

  1. Click the Publishing category and click the Desktop icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Virtual Desktop in the first step of the wizard and click Next.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\publishing_a_desktop_wizard_first.png

Selecting Virtual Desktop from the Desktop Publishing Wizard

  1. In the second step of the wizard enter a Name and Description in the Virtual Desktop section. From the same section you can also configure a different icon by clicking on the Change Icon button.
  2. From the Properties section you have to specify from where the virtual desktop should be published. The options are:
  1. Any Guest from a specified pool in the from pool drop down menu
  2. Specific guest
  3. Guest from a specified pool in the from pool drop down menu where name equals username or IP
  4. Specific 2X Template from a specified 2X Template in the 2X Template drop down menu 
  1. Tick the Persistent option to create a persistent guest rule the first time the user connections.
  2. From the Desktop Size section you can specify the resolution of the desktop.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\publishing_virtual_desktop_pool.png

Configuring a Desktop to be Published

  1. Once ready click Finish to publish the application.