Publishing and Configuring an Application from a Terminal Server

To publish an application from a terminal server follow the below procedure:

  1. Open the Publishing category and click the Application icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Terminal Server in the first step of the wizard and click Next.
  3. In the second step of the wizard, select the type of application to be published. The options are:
  1. Single Application: Choose this option to fully configure the application settings yourself such as the executable path etc.
  2. Installed Application: Choose this option to publish an application that is already installed on the server therefore all of the application settings are automatically configured.
  3. Predefined Application: Choose this option to publish a commonly used Windows application such as Windows Explorer.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\select_application_type.png

Selecting an Application Type from the Publish an Application Wizard

  1. In the third step of the wizard specify from which Terminal Servers the application should be published. You can specify to publish the desktop from All Servers in Farm, Server Group/s or from a number of Individual Servers.
  2. If you selected Installed Application or Predefined Application in the fourth step of the wizard you have to select the application to be published by ticking the application name and click Finish to publish the application. If you selected Single Application you have to configure the application as explained in the following procedure:

Configuring a Single Application

Note: By browsing to an application using the the Browse button next to the Target input field all entries will be automatically populated. Else follow the below procedure to populate all fields manually.

  1. Enter a Name and Description in the Application section and from the Run drop down menu specify if the application should run in a normal window, maximized or minimized.
  2. (Optional) You can change the icon for the published application by clicking the Change Icon button.
  3. Specify the path where the application executable is in the Target input field by clicking the browse button and browse to the executable. Use Windows environment variables if you are manually specifying the path.
  4. The Start In input field will be automatically populated. To specify a different folder from where the application should be launched click the Browse button. A different folder might be specified if for example the application needs to use files from another location to run. In such case, specify such folder location so the published application will be able to locate them upon it being launched.
  5. (Optional) In the Parameters input field you can specify parameters which have to be passed to the application upon being launched.

Configuring a New Application to be Published from a Terminal Server

Note: Use the Server(s) drop down menu to specify different application settings for a specific server in case the application is installed in a different path on that particular server.

  1. Once the application is configured click Finish to publish the application.