Publishing a Document from a Terminal Server

To publish a document from a terminal server follow the below procedure:

  1. Select the Publishing category and click the Document icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Terminal Server in the first step of the wizard and click Next.
  3. In the second step specify the content type of the document you want to publish. You can select the content type from the predefined list or specify a custom content type from the Custom content types input field. Click Next once ready.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\specify_document_type_publishing.png

Configuring a Content Type for the Document

  1. In the third step of the wizard specify from which Terminal Servers the document should be published. You can specify to publish the desktop from All Servers in Farm, Server Group/s or from a number of Individual Servers.
  2. In the fourth step of the wizard, use the Browse button next to the Target input field to browse to the document. All other fields will be automatically populated. To edit any of the auto populated fields highlight them and enter the required details.
  3.  (Optional) In the Parameters input field you can specify parameters which have to be passed to the application running the document upon being started.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\publish_document_ts.png

Configuring the Document to be Published from a Terminal Server

Note: Use the Server(s) drop down menu to specify different document settings for a specific server in case the document is configured differently  on that particular server.

  1. Once ready click Next and configure the filtering options. For more information about filtering options refer to the Filtering section on page .
  2. Click Finish to publish the document.