Publishing a Document from a Guest

To publish a document from a guest or guest clone follow the below procedure:

  1. Click Publishing from the system menu and click the Document icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Virtual Guest in the first step of the wizard and click Next.
  3. In the second step specify the content type to browse for. You can also specify a custom content type from the Custom content types input field. Click Next once ready.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\specify_document_type_publishing.png

Configuring a Content Type for the Document

  1. In the third step of the wizard use the Browse button next to the Target input field to browse to the document and all the other entries are automatically populated. If you would like to configure all entries manually follow the steps below.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the document in the Application section.
  3. From the Run drop down menu specify if the application should run in a normal window, maximized or minimized.
  4. In the Target input field the path of where the document is stored should be specified. To specify a new path of the executable click the Browse (...) button and browse to the document. Use Windows environment variables if you are manually entering the path.
  5. In the Start In input field specify the folder that contains the original document or any other related file. For example sometimes applications need to use files from another location. In such cases specify such folder location so the published application will be able to locate them upon it being launched.
  6. (Optional) In the Parameters input field you can specify parameters which have to be passed to the application upon being started.
  7. You can change the icon for the published application by clicking the Change Icon button and configure shortcut options by clicking the Advanced Settings button.
  8. From the Virtual Guest Settings section you have to specify from where the application should be published. The options are:
  1. Any Guest from a specified pool in the from pool drop down menu
  2. Specific guest
  3. Guest from a specified pool in the from pool drop down menu where name equals username or IP
  4. Specific 2X Template from a specified 2X Template in the 2X Template drop down menu 
  1. Tick the Persistent option to create a persistent guest rule the first time the user connections.

C:\documents\freelance\2x\application server manual\new_manual\screnshots\publishing_document_virtual_guest_pool.png

Configuring a Virtual Document to be Published

Once ready click Finish to publish the application.