Managing Published Desktops

Publishing a Desktop

To publish a desktop that can be accessed by users on the network, you can follow any of the following procedures:

  • Publishing a Desktop from a Terminal Server here.
  • Publishing a Desktop from a Remote PC here.
  • Publishing a Virtual Desktop from a Guest here.

Configuring a Published Desktop

When publishing a desktop through the wizard you have to specify all the desktop settings, such as display size etc. These options and several others can also be modified once the desktop has been published.

To modify a published desktop, select the desktop from the Published Resources tree in the Publishing category.

Configuring a Published Desktop

Configuring the Sites through which a Published Desktop is Available

By default a published desktop is available through all the sites. To restrict access to a specific site or group of sites, select the list of sites from the Sites tab in the published desktop options.

Configuring the Sites a Published Desktop is Available Through

Configuring from which Servers the Desktop is Published From

From the Publish From tab you can specify from which terminal servers should the published desktop be published as seen in the below screenshot.

Configuring the Servers a Published Desktop is Published From

Configuring Desktop Resolution and Other Properties

Click the Desktop tab to configure the desktop name, description, icon and resolution. From the Desktop tab you can also configure the virtual desktop to allow users to allow to the console of a server rather than a virtual instance.

Configuring the Desktop Resolution

Configuring Shortcuts Options for a Published Desktop

Click the Shortcuts tab in the desktop settings to enable the creation of shortcuts on the user’s desktop, shortcuts in the start folder with relative folder and shortcut in the Auto start folder. When the Auto start shortcut is enabled the application will be started when the Operating system the client is running is started.

Note: This option is not available on all operating systems.

Configuring the 2X Shortcut Options for a Published Desktop


Filtering is comprehensively described in full detail here: http://www.2x.com/support/ras-documentation/manual/filter-rules/