Managing Scanning Applications

Adding a Scanning Application

TWAIN applications that will use the Universal Scanning feature have to be added from the TWAIN tab by selecting the TWAIN Applications button so they can use the Twain driver, hence making it easier for the administrator to set them up. Follow the below procedure to add an application to the list of Scanning applications:

  1. Open the  Parallels 2X Remote Application Server console and open the Universal Scanning category.
  2. Click the TWAIN tab
  3. Click on the Twain Applications button and click Add.
  4. Browse to the application executable and click Open.

Configuring Scanning Applications

Note: Some applications might use different or multiple executables. Make sure that all used executables are added to the list of scanning applications.

Deleting a Scanning Application

To delete a scanning application from the list highlight the application name and click Delete from the Tasks drop down menu.

Note: By deleting an application from the list of scanning applications the installation of the application will not be affected.