Inviting Users to Connect Devices

Parallels 2X Remote Application Server supports multiple platforms, ranging from desktop PC’s and MAC’s to mobile devices and ChromeApps. The Invitation Email feature is designed to reduce the complexities involved in the installation and client rollout process. This feature allows the administrator to send client installation and auto-configuration instructions to end users from the central management console.

Sending the Invitation Email to Users

Before proceeding, first confirm you have correctly configured the Mailbox Setup as described here: http://www.2x.com/support/ras-documentation/manual/monitoring-counters/#h.1fob9te

Send Invitation settings  in the Administration Category

Once confirmed navigate to Administration > Send Invitations and configure the options below:

  1. First select your recipients from the Recipient section: you can browse your Active Directory and simply select a user or a group.
  2. From the Options section configure the options below:
  • Target Device - choose the platform that the recipients are running. The current platforms available are:
  • Windows XP - 8.1 desktops
  • Linux desktops
  • MAC desktops
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome App
  • HTML5-enabled browsers
  • Public Gateway IP - choose the gateway (GW) domain name or IP. Please note that this can be the public IP, in order to reach the system from a remote user.
  • Gateway Mode - Choose the gateway connection mode. Note that SSL modes require the GW to have SSL configured.

Default Invitation Email template

  1. The Email section displays the message that will be sent to the email addresses added from the Recipients section. Choose to edit the text within this email or leave it as default. The variables available to be added to the email are:
  • %RECIPIENT% - Recipient username
  • %SENDER% - Administrator account which the email is sent from
  • %INSTRUCTIONS% - Includes the automatic configuration process
  • %MANUALINSTRUCTIONS% - Includes the manual configuration process
  1. Upon completion, Click Send Invitation to send out the email to the recipients added; Preview to view how the email will be displayed to the users; Default to revert the email back to the original text.