Gateway Tunnelling Policies

Tunnelling policies can be used to load balance connections by assigning a group of terminal servers to a specific 2X Secure Client Gateway or 2X Secure Client Gateway IP. Tunnelling Policies can be configured from the Tunnelling Policies tab in the Gateways node. These policies are used when a native RDP connection is established to the gateway.

Configuring Tunnelling Policies

Configuring Tunnelling Policies

The <Default> rule is a pre-configured rule and is always the last rule to catch all non configured gateway IPs and load balance the sessions between all servers in the farm. You can configure the <Default> rule by clicking Properties from the Tunnelling Policies tab.

Adding a New Tunnelling Policy

To add a new rule follow the below procedure:

  1. Click Add from the Tasks drop down menu.
  2. Select a Gateway IP from the Select Gateway IP drop down menu.
  3. Specify to which Terminal Server or Servers the users connecting to that specific Gateway IP should be forwarded to. The options are to all servers, group of servers or an individual, or group of individual servers.

Configuring a New Tunnelling Policy

Managing Tunnelling Policies

To modify an existing Tunnelling Policy highlight the policy name and click Properties from the Tasks drop down menu. To delete a Tunnelling Policy, highlight the policy name and click Delete from the Tasks drop down menu.