Configuring and Managing 2X Templates for Guest Clones


2X Templates allow you to better utilize host resources by automatically creating and deploying virtual guests clones when needed. 2X Templates and clones can only be created for the following Windows workstations:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Managing 2X Templates from the 2X Templates Tab

Creating a 2X Template

Requirement: To create a template of a Windows workstation the machine should be configured to obtain an IP via a DHCP server.

To create a new 2X Template of a Windows workstation follow the below procedure:

  1. Navigate to the Farm category, click the 2X Templates tab from the VDI Hosts node and click Add from the Tasks drop down menu.
  2. Select a guest from which you would like to create a 2X template from the Virtual Guests List dialog box, shown in the screenshot below and click OK.

List of available guests to create a 2X Template from

  1. In the next step of the process the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server will check if the virtual guest has the 2X Guest Agent installed. If it is not installed click the Install button.
  2. In the Installing 2X Guest Agent dialog box you can specify different credentials to connect to the server by clicking the option Override system credentials and specifying new credentials. Click Install to proceed with the agent installation and click Done once it has been successfully installed. (If the automatic installation of the 2X Agent fails, refer to the Section Installing the 2X Terminal Server Agent Manually on page .
  3. Once the 2X Guest Agent is installed click OK.

Configuring a 2X Template

To configure a 2X Template highlight the template name from the 2X Templates node and click Properties from the Tasks drop down menu.

Basic 2X Template Settings – Configuring Maximum Guests and Pre-Created Guests

From the Properties tab shown in the below screenshot you can configure any of the following settings:

  • 2X Template: Name for the template
  • Maximum Guests: Specify the maximum number of guest clones that can be created
  • Pre-created Guests: Specify the number of guest clones that will be pre-created so they are always available for users to connect to.
  • Guest Name: Specify the guest clones machine name. Note that each guest clone name will be appended with the Guest ID.
  • Delete unused guests: Enable this option to delete all guest clones that are not being used. You can also specify the time for a guest clone to be considered as unused from the after drop down menu.

2X Templates Properties

Configure Location Where Virtual Guest Clones will be Stored

From the Advanced tab you can configure the folder where newly created guest clones created from the 2X Template will be created in the Folder input field. This option is available if you are using Hyper-V, Hyper-V Failover Cluster, VMware vCenter and Citrix XenServer.

Configuring the location where Virtual Guest Clones will be stored

If the hypervisor you are using supports Native Pools, the newly created guest clones will be part of the specified Native Pool location. This option is available if you are using VMware ESX and VMware vCenter.

Configuring SysPrep for Virtual Guest Clones

From the SysPrep tab shown in the below screenshot you can configure SysPrep settings for the virtual guest clones in the 2X Template. The following options can be configured:

  • Computer Name
  • Owner Name
  • Organization
  • Administrative Password
  • Join Workgroup: select this option and specify a workgroup if the virtual guest clone will be part of a workgroup
  • Join domain: select this option and specify a domain and credentials to join the domain if the virtual guest clone will be part of a domain.

Configuring sysprep settings for virtual guest clones

Configuring License Key and Limit for Virtual Guest Clone

From the License tab you can specify the operating system license key and the key limit.

Updating the Template Operating System

If you need to update the template operating system, such as installing a service pack or new software, you need to put the template into maintenance mode. To put a template into maintenance mode highlight the template name from the template list and click Maintenance from the Tasks drop down menu.

Note: While in maintenance mode, clones cannot be created from the guest and the entry in the list of 2X templates will be greyed out.

During the maintenance mode, the template OS is booted and can be modified. Once the changes have been applied you can put the template off Maintenance Mode by clicking again the Maintenance button.

Note: Updates applied to the template OS during maintenance mode will only affect newly created clones. Already created clones will not be affected.