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This product manual assumes that the reader is familiar with Microsoft Terminal Server and has an intermediate networking knowledge.

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A category consists of a number of settings related to a specific task or operation. In the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server Console the following categories are available:

  • Farm
  • Load Balancing
  • Publishing
  • Universal Printing
  • Universal Scanning
  • Connection
  • Client Manager
  • Policies
  • Administration
  • Information
  • Reporting
  • Licensing


A farm consists of a Parallels 2X Remote Application Server installation on a site or multiple sites.

Licensing Server Site

The site where the main configuration database is stored and manages all other sites in the 2X Farm. Other servers in a site can be upgraded to Licensing Server if the main licensing server is not available. Note: Upgrades of the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server MUST be applied to the licensing server site first.


The act of making items installed on a Remote Desktop Server, VDI Host or Remote PC available to the users via the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server.

Publishing Agent

The Publishing Agent provides load balancing of published applications and desktops.


Remote Desktop Services is a server role in Windows Server that provides technologies to enable users to connect to virtual desktops and session-based desktops. RDS replaced Terminal Services beginning in Windows 2008 R2.


A site consists of a publishing agent, a SecureClient GW or multiple gateways and the agents installed on the Terminal Servers, VDIs and PCs.