Remote Application Server Manual & Documentation Index

Section 1- Introduction to 2X Remote Application Server

1. What is 2X Remote Application Server and How Does Work?
2. About this Document
3. What is new in Version 14?

Section 2- Installing 2X Remote Application Server

4. System Requirements
5. Installing and Configuring 2X Remote Application Server

Section 3- Getting Started with 2X Remote Application Sever

6. 2X Remote Application Server Console
7. Setting up an SMB Environment

Section 4- Sites and Administrators

8. Sites and Management
9. Administrators: Adding, Managing and Configuring

Section 5- Terminal Servers

10. Adding a Terminal Server
11. Installing the 2X Terminal Server Agent Manually
12. Configuring a Terminal Server
13. Grouping Terminal Servers
14. Publishing a Desktop from a Terminal Server
15. Publishing and Configuring an Application from a Terminal Server
16. Publishing a Document from a Terminal Server

Section 6- VDI Hosts

17. Adding a VDI Host
18. Installing the VDI Agent Manually
19. Installing an Appliance and Configuring a VDI Host
20. Configuring and Managing Pools
21. Configuring and Managing 2X Templates for Guest Clones
22. Persistent Guests
23. Publishing a Virtual Desktop from a Guest
24. Publishing an Application from a Guest
25. Publishing a Document from a Guest

Section 7- Remote PC’s

26. Adding a Remote PC
27. Installing the 2X Remote PC Agent Manually
28. Configuring a Remote PC
29. Publishing a Desktop, Application and Document from a Remote PC

Section 8- Publishing and Filtering

30. Managing Published Applications
31. Managing Published Desktops
32. Managing Published Documents
33. Managing Published Folders
34. Filtering Rules by User, Client, IP, MAC and Gateway

Section 9- 2X Secure Client Gateways

35. 2X Secure Client Gateway and Types
36. Adding a 2X Secure Client Gateway
37. Manually Adding a 2X Secure Client Gateway
38. Managing 2X Secure Client Gateway
39. Gateway Tunneling Policies

Section 10- 2X RAS Portal

40. Prerequisites and installation
41. Logging into the Administrative Page
42. Farm Settings
43. General Settings

Section 11- 2X Backup Servers

44. Adding a 2X Backup Server
45. Managing Backup Servers

Section 12- Load Balancing

46. Resource Based Load Balancing
47. Round Robin Load Balancing and Advanced Settings
48. High Availability Load Balancing

Section 13- 2X Universal Printing

49. Managing 2X Universal Printing Servers
50. Font Management

Section 14- 2X Universal Scanning

51. Managing Universal Scanning
52. Managing Scanning Applications

Section 15- Managing Devices

53. Inviting Users to Connect Devices
54. Monitoring Devices
55. Managing Windows Devices
56. Windows Device Groups
57. Scheduling Windows Devices & Group Power Cycles
58. Managing 2X RDP Client Settings

Section 16- Reporting

59.  Deploy and Configure Reports
60. 2X RAS Reports

Section 17- Connection and Authentication Settings

61. 2X Publishing Agent Connection Settings
62. Second Level Authentication
63. Restricting Access by OS Build Number

Section 18- Managing the 2X Remote Application Server

64. 2X Remote Application Server Status
65. Configuring Monitoring Counters and Email Alerts
66. Monitoring 2X Remote Application Server Configuration Changes
67. Configure Logging
68. Maintaining 2X Remote Application Server and Backing Up Configuration

Section 19- Additional Resources

69. Troubleshooting and support
70. VDI Technology Agents
71. 2X RDP Client Installation