Working with and Deleting Existing RDP Connections

Working with an existing Remote Desktop Connection

Touch and hold the connection that you want to work with. The menu shown above will be displayed.

Choose ‘Edit’ to modify the connection settings.

Choose ‘Delete’ to delete the selected connection.

Deleting an Existing Connection

To delete an existing connection, navigate to the connections screen. Tap and hold the connection that you want to delete. The context menu for that RDP connection will appear.

Tap on ‘delete’. You will be prompted that the connection will be removed. Tapping ‘delete’, again will permanently remove the selected connection.

Device Settings


To access the device Settings menu, from the connections screen, tap on the Menu button where there are three dots. Then tap on Settings.

Client Name

The ‘Client Name’ field would be the name that your computer will use during a Remote Desktop session.

If set, this will override the default computer name. Any filtering set by the administrator with 2X Remote Application Server will make use of the ‘Client Name’ entry.

Auto Activate Keyboard

Enable this setting so that the on screen keyboard is displayed when an input field is selected. Please note that this applies to 2X RAS Connections only.

Run Under Lock Screen

By default, the connection will be ‘terminated’ when the phone is locked or busy. Enabling this setting allows the connection to go into standby mode when the phone is locked or busy performing other tasks such as answering a phone call and resume immediately once ready from the other task.

Clear Cache

Clearing the application listing cache will remove all the cached data from the application listing performed by all existing 2X RAS Connection. You will be prompted to delete the cache as follows.

Press ‘delete’ to remove all the cached application listing.


The about screen contains the 2X RDP version and copyright information. The version number will be required when contacting support.

A link to the 2X website and to the sales and ordering team is available if you need to order any 2X products.


The Application Help link directs you to this help section on the 2X website.