Existing Client Connection Settings: Connection, Display, Experience, Advanced

Working with an existing 2X Connection

To edit or delete an existing connection, tap and hold the connection to launch the context menu (as shown below) then choose the action you like to perform.


Please note that the ‘change password’ feature is only available for 2X RAS Connections.

To change the password tap and hold the 2X RAS Connection then select the ‘change password’ option. You will be required to authenticate again before changing the password.

Enter the ‘New password’ in the respective text box. Confirm the new password tap on ‘change’ so that the password is changed.

Deleting an Existing Connection

To delete an existing connection, navigate to the connections screen. Tap and hold the connection that you want to delete. The context menu for that 2X Remote Application Server connection will appear.

Tap on ‘delete’. You will be prompted that the connection will be removed. Tapping ‘delete’, again will permanently remove the selected connection.

Adding a New RDP Connection

After choosing to add a new connection, tap on ‘RDP Connection’ to add a new RDP connection.

Please note that most settings are the same as when adding a new 2X connection. Click here to view common settings. Settings which are different are described here under.

Connection Settings


Enter an Alias name that describes your RDP connection.  The ‘Alias’ name gives the connection a display name for better readability.

Server (required)

Enter the primary server name or IP address of the connection.

Port (required)

For all RDP connections the default port is 3389.

User Name

Enter your account’s user name in the form of ‘user@domain’ or just ‘user’.


Password associated with the ‘User Name’ entered above. When setting up an RDP connection, the password is not required. For best security, leave the field empty in order to enter the password during login.

Connect to Console

Enable this option to connect to the console session of the Remote Desktop Computer.