Installing and Setting Up 2X Client for Java

2X Client System requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • The same hardware requirements as specified by Microsoft when using any of these workstation OSs
  • Some features (like high color, sound, etc) will only be available if your workstation has the appropriate hardware installed and is properly configured.
  • Java needs to be installed locally on your computer.
  • Browsers supported by 2X Java Client include IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Setting Up the 2X Java Client

This is a document which will help the user to setup 2X JavaClient on an IIS version 6.0 WebServer.

1. Log on the server where IIS6 is running. Ensure that IIS Management Console is installed. If IIS is not installed, please make sure you install it before proceeding.

2. Locate folder wwwroot (eg c:\inetpub\wwwroot).

3. Create a folder named 2XJavaClient.

4. Extract the downloaded zip file ( 2XJavaClient folder created in step 3 as shown below. You can download it from the following link:

Extracting in -> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\2XJavaClient location

5. Open IIS Console and click refresh on the Default Web Site. (IIS > Local Computer > Web Sites > Default Web Site). You should see the folder 2XJavaClient listed as a folder in IIS Management Console as shown below.

2XJavaClient folder on IIS Management Console

6. Right click the folder and select Properties.

7. In the 2XJavaClient Properties Page, at the "Application name:" field, click the button "Create".

2XJavaClient Properties Page

8. Make sure that the READ option is selected, and "Execute permissions: " is "Scripts and Executable"

9. Click on the Documents Tab, and select the option "Enable default content page"

2XJavaClient Properties – Documents Tab

10. Click the Add button, and add "index.html" to the list.

Note:- You can use the ‘index.html’ file provided to change the appearance of the Web-Site.

11. Open a Browser and browse to : http://webserver/2xjavaclient. The 2X Client should start in the browser.

Verifing 2XJavaClient starts