Configuring and Connections

Configuring 2X Java Client

When launching the 2X Client you will be prompted to configure a new 2X Connection. If you need to configure multiple 2X Connections, click on File menu and then choose ‘Add New 2X Connection…

Java 2X Client is able to connect to multiple farms*.

2X Java Client Initial Screen.

2X Connections

Whether you are adding a new 2X Connection for the first time, or if you are adding an additional connection, the Connection Properties Dialog Box opens so that you are able to fully configure your connection. All existing connections will show on the Info tab on the right hand pane, as shown below.

2X Connections

Connection Tab

2X Connection Properties – Connection tab.

In the Connection Settings area, enter the Server name or IP address, in the ‘Primary Connection’ field. This should be the name or IP where the 2X Secure Client Gateway resides.

If your administrator enabled ‘Broadcast 2X Secure Client Gateway Address’ option on the server, you can click on the browse  button ‘…’ and you should see the available 2X Connection/s in your area as shown below.

2X Connection Properties – Connection tab for broadcasting 2X Secure Client Gateways

If you do not see any 2X Connections, simply ask your administrator for the application server IP and port and add this information manually.

In the ‘Connection Mode’ field there are four types available:

  • Gateway Mode:  Clients are connected with the 2X Secure Client Gateway and the session connection is tunneled through the first available connection.  This mode is ideal for servers which are only reachable via the gateway and do not require a high level of security.
  • Gateway SSL Mode:  Connection is made as in the regular gateway mode, but the connection is encrypted.
  • Direct Mode:  Clients first connect to the 2X Secure Client Gateway for the best available Server and then connect directly with that particular Server.  This is best used when the client and the server are on the same network.
  • Direct SSL Mode:  This connection is created as in the Direct Mode option, but the connection to the 2X Secure Client Gateway is encrypted.

NOTE:  In order to connect through the 2X Secure Client Gateway you will need to set the port number that was configured on the 2X Secure Client Gateway Port on the Connection Settings page. (Default Gateway Port 80/443)

Logon Panel

Check the ‘Auto Logon’ box to enable the 2X Java Client to connect automatically instead of displaying the logon page every time you need to access the 2X Connection.

To use the local system credentials when connecting with a particular 2X Connection; enable ‘Use System Credentials (SSO).  When you enable this option, you will automatically login when connecting with the 2X Secure Client Gateway and the Remote DesktopRemote Desktops.

Logon Panel on the Connection Tab

NOTE: You will need to install this module when downloading and installing the 2X Client to be able to use the SSO.

In the ‘Logon’ section, enter your username, password and domain to be used when retrieving your published applications.

This information is encrypted and saved locally under the HKCU hive.