Adding a Standard RDP Connection

Adding a New RDP Connection

Parallels 2X RDP App for iOS is able to connect to multiple terminal server desktops using an RDP connection.  To add a new RDP connection, tap on the “+” symbol and then choose Standard RDP Connection’.


Enter an Alias name that describes your RDP connection.  The ‘Alias’ will give the connection a display name for better readability.


Enter the primary server name or IP address of the connection. This should be the name or IP where the 2X Secure Client Gateway resides.


Enter the port number.  For all RDP Connections the Default port is 3389.

In order to connect through the 2X Secure Client Gateway you will need to set the port number that was configured on the 2X Secure Client Gateway Port on the Connection Settings page.

*User Name/Password

Enter your account user name, i.e.: user@domain. For an iOS Parallels 2X Remote Application Server connection, the Password is not required, but for best security you should enter a password during login.  Your username and password should not exceed 127 characters.

* denotes ‘Required’


The ‘Standard RDP’ settings available are similar to the ‘Parallels 2X Remote Application Server’ settings described here, with the exception that ‘Printing’ settings are not available and the ‘Advanced’ settings are not identical.


Connect to Console: RDP connection only - connects to remote computer in admin mode.

Use Pre Windows 2000 Login Format: Enable this option to use ‘domain\user’ as login format to log into your remote desktop computer.

Network Level Authentication: Check this option to enable network level authentication which will require the app to authenticate itself before connecting to the server.

Override Device Name: This text field would be the name that your computer will use during a Remote Desktop session.

If set, this will override the default device name. Any filtering set by the administrator with Parallels 2X Remote Application Server will make use of the ‘Override device name’.