Getting Started with the 2X RDP Client for Windows

After you have installed the 2X Client, you can now launch the 2X Client to access your published applications.

Launching the 2X Client

To open the 2X Client: Start > [All] Programs > 2X > 2X Client > 2X Client

Add a New Connection

When launching the 2X Client you will be prompted to configure a new 2X Remote Application Server connection. If you need to configure multiple 2X Remote Application Server connection, click on File menu and then choose ‘Add New Connection…’

2X Client for Windows is able to connect to multiple farms*.

2X Client Initial Screen.

*Term used in remote session computing that refers to a group of Remote Desktops

After clicking ‘Add New Connection…’, the following window is shown:

Adding a new connection.

Then, select the connection you want to add to the 2X Client from:

  • 2X Remote Application Server
  • Standard RDP