Symbol (Motorola) Devices

The custom installation for Symbol (Motorola) devices already provides cold boot resistance.

Note: In order to survive a cold boot, the Symbol (Motorola) device has to have a folder named Application inside the root directory (i.e. \Application). If you need support for devices with a different configuration, please contact 2X Support.

Note: The application and its data will survive a cold boot but any shortcuts from the Published Applications or Folders will be not be restored to the desktop and will have to be re-created manually.

You can configure 2X ApplicationServer XG so that the shortcuts are created automatically on the Windows CE desktop upon initial connection.

Other Devices

On devices that do store the default installation location (\Program Files\2X Client) on volatile RAM (VRAM), the 2X Client should be installed directly on the Hard Disk

The installer should prompt you for the location where to save the files. However, on certain devices such as the HPT5520 which do not allow you to specify where to perform the installation a custom installation should be performed.