Installing on Desktop-like, Handheld and Symbol Devices

The 2X Client for Windows CE has several types of installations. Use the following table to choose the type of installation which best suits your device.

The number next to the installation type indicates which of the following sections are relevant for that particular installation type.

  1. Installation on Desktop-like Devices

The 2X Client for Windows CE looks exactly like the standard 2X Client for Windows and is operated in the same manner.

  1. Installation on Handheld Devices

The 2X Client for Windows CE on Handheld devices uses a more conservative user interface that is reduced in size in order to fit onto the smaller screen resolutions.

Note: You can confirm that the 2X Client for Windows CE is installed in handheld mode from the about dialog, showing:

2X Client <2X Windows CE version> (Handheld Mode)

  1. Installation on Symbol devices

The 2X Client for Windows CE has a specific installation for Symbol (Motorola) devices. On such devices, a standard installation will not survive a cold boot (i.e. a complete restart will wipe out the 2X Client). However with this specific installation all the data will remain intact after a cold boot.

Note: Such an installation is available for ARM in both Desktop and Handheld versions

  1. Custom Installation

A custom installation for Windows CE 2X Client can be performed by running the Windows CE Command Prompt and perform the following steps (Eg HPT5520 requires a custom installation with the following path \Hard Drive\Program Files\2X Client).

  1. Launch CMD prompt.
  2. Install the Windows CE 2X Client by running the following command;

wceload /delete 2 /askdest <location_of_cabfile>

Note: The ‘delete 2’ parameter is optional and is used so that the CAB file is deleted while it is extracted. This is useful for devices which have limited disk space.

  1. A window will be shown so that you will specify the location of where you want to install the 2X Client for Windows CE.