2X SecureRemoteDesktop Connection

Tap the 2X SecureRemoteDesktop Connection that you have configured on your Android device to open.  A list of desktops will appear on the screen.

NOTE: To create a shortcut for a desktop, tap and hold the desktop and press ‘Add Shortcut’.

Tap on the desktop you want to open.

To launch another published application, disconnect or logoff, tap the ‘Menu’ button and then tap ‘More’.

Click on ‘Launch Application’ to open an additional published application.

Click on ‘Show Tips’ to view some gestures that are available.

Click on ‘Disconnect’ to end the 2X Client connection.

Click on ‘Logoff’ to close the published application.

Tap the ‘Back’ button to exit without disconnecting.

2X Client for Android – Logoff 2X ApplicationServer XG connection