RDP Connection

Tap the Standard RDP connection that you have configured on your Android device to open a connection with a remote computer.

To disconnect or view other options available, tap the ‘Menu’ button. Menu options available are listed below:

Tap on ‘Hide’ to hide the action bar.

Tap on ‘Show Tips’ to view some gestures that are available.

Tap on ‘Connection Information’  to review the RDP server IP, port, domain credentials etc. relative to this connection.

Tap on ‘Certificates’ to view the RDP certificate information for the connection.

Tap on ‘Disconnect’ to end the 2X RDP Client connection.

Tap the ‘Back’ button to exit without disconnecting.

Show Tips

Gestures that are added in the ‘Show Tips’ are as follows:

Tip for Gestures


“Pinching” to zoom in and out

“Tapping” to click on the connection

Touching screen with two fingers to scroll up and down.

Scrolling can be obtained from the volume buttons (Set from General settings “Select Volume Control”)

Verifying Active Connections

Below we see the 2X icon indicating that you have an active 2X session running on your device.

Tap on the status bar of your device and drag down to view which 2X Remote Application Server connection is currently active and running. For 2X Remote Application Server connections you will see the notification when you have an active application running.  For RDP Connections, you will see the notification if you have a session running.  Tap on the current session running and you will be directed back to your current session.