Using the Wi-Fi Keyboard Guide

This guide will show you how to enable the  Wi-Fi Keyboard  feature on your Android device and how to use it through 2X DroidDesktop.

Enabling the  WiFi Keyboard on your Android device

  1. To enable the  Wi-Fi keyboard functionality on your phone first download and install 2X DroidDesktop from the Google Play Store. After that go to  Settings >Language and Input (Or Settings t> Language & Keyboard  depending on your Android OS) and select WiFi Keyboard to enable it.

  2. On your Android phone, try to type a message, then tap and hold  Edit Text > Input Method > select “Wi-Fi Keyboard” (or switch to “Wi-Fi keyboard” as your input method depending on your android OS version ).
  3. A link will be  displayed at the bottom of the text message (outlined in red in the example above).Open that link  in your computer’s web browser and log in to  2X DroidDesktop.
  4. . Once you are logged in Remote Web Desktop, start the Wi-Fi Keyboard application. Any text that you type there will be posted to your phone once you press enter.
  5. The text that you typed will be immediately send to your Android device after each enter, you also have the option to select “real time mode”  in which case anything you type will be send to your phone immediately without the need to hit enter.
  6. Note: The phone screen will stay on when using Wi-Fi Keyboard.

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