Use your Phone Camera as a Webcam (Windows)

Note: The following procedures are still in the experimental stage so it might not work for you

In order to use your Android Phone  as a webcam for video chat (and in this example we are using Skype  you have to first install a filter and then use that to capture the video stream from your device camera. To do this you need to follow this guide to the letter:

Using your Android Device as a Webcam

  1. Download webcamXP MJPG (free for personal use) from: http://webcamxp.com/download.aspx
  2. Install webcamXP on your computer
  3. Start your 2X DroidDesktop on your Phone and start your server.
  4. Log in to Skype using your credentials and go to  “Tools”  and then “Options” from your Skype menu
  5. Once there click on “Video Settings” and then from the “Select Webcam” option to your right select “IP Camera[JPEG/MJPEG]” from the drop list.
  6. Once you select the IP Camera then click on “Webcam Settings” to go to the filter options
  7. Select “Raw URL mode” and  in the field below type your IP address (which is given to you by the2X DroidDesktop client when you start the server). Make sure you check the M JPEG mode checkbox.
  8. Click “Save” to save your changes and then Ok. Congratulations you should now be able to use your Android Device as a Webcam in Skype!

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